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The Dali Theater Museum (Teatro Museo Dali), one of Spain’s most magnificent sights, is in the town of Figueres, around 91 miles (147 km) north of Barcelona.

The Museum in Figueres, Spain, is the largest surrealist art museum in the world; it shows the life and work of Surrealist genius Salvador Dali.

Inaugurated in 1974, this museum is Dali’s last great work, selling around 1.5 million Dali museum tickets per year, making it one of the most visited museums.

It features a variety of Dali’s artwork, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs, an extensive collection of his artifacts, and a library and auditorium. 

The museum also hosts a variety of educational programs and events, such as workshops and lectures.

A visit to Dali Museum is a genuine experience immersing you in the unique, fascinating world of Salvador Dali.

Top 3 Dali Museum Tickets In 2023

Admission Ticket

Admission Ticket

Skip-the-line Ticket

– Priority access

– Dalí Jewels collection

– Smartphone tickets

€19 ($21)/ Adult

Tour from Barcelona

Guided Tour

– Fast track entrance

– Round-trip transportation

– Waking Tour of Girona

– Multilingual guide

€82 ($89) / Adult
Costa Brava

Dali Museum to Costa Brava

Live Guide

– Ac Transportation

– Admission to Dali Museum

– Costa Brava tour

– Professional Guide

€99 ($108)/ Adult

Why are online Dali Theater Museum tickets better?

Once you purchase the Salvador Dali Museum tickets, you’ll receive a confirmation by email. 

Why wait in line when you can book your tickets to Dali Museum online from home?  

You will save a notable amount of time and energy, which you can use to explore the place independently.

Online tickets are the best way to buy Dali Museum tickets and are tend to be more affordable than ticket prices at the venue.

Plus, due to the limited number of visitors allowed per time slot, the Dali Museum frequently has long lines, so advance booking can save you from last-minute disappointment.

Besides saving a few Euros, booking in advance helps you plan your trip and avoid long waits to access the Salvador Dali Museum.

Where to buy Dali Museum tickets?

Visitors can buy Dali Museum tickets online or at the attraction’s entrance on the day of their visit.

You don’t need to take printouts.

On the day of your visit, just show your Dali Museum Tickets Spain at the entrance.’

These online tickets allow you to bypass the ticket counter lines that’s why they are also known as Skip The Line tickets.

Make sure to be on time at your chosen time slot. In cases where the museum is full, they may not admit latecomers. 

Types of Dali Theatre Museum Tickets

Several Dali Museum Figueres tickets, including entrance, private, guided, combination, and walking tours, are available.

The Dali Museum entry ticket is the most affordable way to enter the museum without waiting in long lines.

You can access everything at the museum, the rainy taxi, Dali Jewels, the famous Mae West Room and more.

You can also book a Dali Museum guided tour to become an expert, delve into Dalí’s mind, and learn about his life and work and why he is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

If money is not a factor, but you want a fully customized trip, opt for the private guided tour of Dali Museum Spain.

It gives you in-depth insight from local guides without the headache of organizing your transportation.

If you want a complete Salvador Dali, don’t miss this Barcelona to Dali Museum, Port Lligat and the Costa Brava tour.

This tour will give you a completely fantastic experience. Starting with Dali Museum and finishing it by either visiting Portlligat or his beloved wife’s castle with priority access.

Explore Figueres or Barcelona with budget-friendly and hassle-free tickets like Dali Museum tours from Barcelona, Guided Tour of Dalí Museum and Figueres and Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona

These tickets will allow you to explore the other sites which served as an inspiration for Dali, along with the city’s beautiful sites and culture.

Fascinated with Dali’s art and want to know more about him, you can also visit the Salvador Dali house museum, which will give you insight into the person behind the legend.

You can explore more about Dali and his Love Gala by booking Dali Museums combo tickets, an experience that takes you through life and the inspiration of one of the world’s most renowned surrealist painters.

Discover the city and the beauty and culture of Figueres on the city walking tour Figueres and get a chance to visit local shops and eateries.

Explore the city with an expert and enjoy skipping the line entrance to the museum and other key sights of this delightful city.

Dali Museum is one the most famous museums in Figueres, welcoming around 1 million visitors annually.

However, popularity comes at a cost, as crowds can impact your experience. It’s better to check the best time and the best way to reach will help save you time and avoid any inconvenience.

Dali Museum Ticket Prices

Your interest must be aroused after knowing about the Dali Museum and having the chance to dive into its fascinating history!

But how much would it cost you to traverse the surrealist corridors?

The Dali Museum entrance fee is €19 ($21) for adults (nine and above), whereas children under nine are welcome free.

Along with skipping the line, it provides access to the Dali Jewels collection with the theater’s audio guide and multimedia devices.

So, come explore the world of surrealism with a ticket to the Dali  Museum in Figueres!

Dali Museum Ticket Includes

  • Skip-the-line access to the Dalí Theatre-Museum
  • Dalí Jewels collection
  • Digital Tiqets guide to the Dalí Triangle in English
  • Smartphone tickets accepted

Dali Museum Ticket Price

Visitors TypePrice
Adult (nine and above years) €19 ($21)
Children (Up to eight years)(Only in combination with an Adult (9+)Free Entry

Dali Museum tickets discount 

Online tickets booking for Dali Museum Figueres come with various discounts.

Children under nine are welcome for free.

Dalí Museum & Figueres Guided Tour charges €35 ($38) for all visitors 15 years and above, and on this, Children 8 to 14 years are getting concessions of €5 ($6), and children below seven years are welcome free.

You can save a good amount, up to €356 ($393), by making Dali Museum tickets Groupon on a private day tour of the Dali Museum and a private tour of Girona and Dali Museum

Dali theater and Dali house combo tickets offer free entry to children under nine and people with disabilities of 50% or more. People with 33% to 50% disabilities will also get the discount.

The cost of the Barcelona to Dali Museum, Port Lligat and the Costa Brava tour is €99 ($110) for 12 to 99 years, but children under 12 are receiving a discount of €24 ($27).

Dali Museum tour charges €82 ($89) for all visitors 13 to 99 years, and on this, Children  4 to 12 years are getting concessions of €22 ($24) and infants up to three are admitted free.

Additional discounts are available on the City walking tour Figueres and Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona.


Where to buy tickets for the Dali museum?

You can book Dali Museum tickets online in advance.

 It can save you from wasting your time in ln lines, plus it gives you exciting discounts.

You will save a notable amount of time and energy, which you can use to explore the place independently.

How much is a student ticket to Dali Museum?

The Dali Museum entrance costs just €19 ($21) for adults (nine and above), whereas children under nine are welcome for free.

Not only this, with Dali Museum tickets, visitors with 50 percent disability require no ticket. They are welcome for free. All they need to do is just need to show disability certificate/ies for the admission.

Is Dali Museum worth seeing?

If you are visiting Barcelona, a visit o Dali Museum in Figueres would be a plus point.

Renowned for its extensive collection of Salvador Dali’s artwork, the museum is in pictures town and boasts remarkable architecture featuring an egg sculpture atop the building.

A visit to this museum will be a unique and unforgettable experience for all art enthusiasts.

How much is a ticket to the Dali Museum in Spain?

Admission to Dali Museum is €19 ($21) for adults (nine and above.

However,  children under nine are welcome for free.

Additionally, visitors with a 50 percent or higher disability are entitled to free admission with their ticket. Just provide the disability certificate upon admission.

This ticket also includes skip-the-line and access to Dali Jewels.

Can I cancel my Dali Museum spain tickets after purchasing?

With the convenient cancellation policy, you can cancel your Dali Museum tickets until 23.59 the day before the visit and get a full refund if the refundable ticket is selected.

Featured Image: Salvador-dali.org

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