Tips to Visit Dali Museum Figueres

Visiting the Dali Museum is not just a trip to another art gallery; it’s an immersion into the surreal world of Salvador Dalí, one of the most brilliant and bizarre artists of the 20th century. 

This museum, dedicated entirely to Dalí’s work, is located near the artist’s birthplace in Figueres, Spain. 

It offers a unique glimpse into his imaginative mind, showcasing many of his creations, from paintings and sculptures to jewelry and 3D collages. 

Here are some tips to make the most out of your visit:

1. Buy Dali Museum Tickets Online 

Photography Inside the Museum
Image: GetYourGuide.com

The Dalí Museum is a popular destination attracting visitors from all over the world. 

On average, more than four thousand individuals visit the Dali Theatre Museum each day, with over 500 people visiting in an hour. 

So, during peak season, it can get really busy, and the waiting lines can get pretty long, sometimes lasting up to an hour. 

To skip these long lines, consider purchasing tickets in advance online.

Not only does it save you time, but it also allows you to select a specific time slot for your visit, ensuring a smoother entry. 

No more waiting in long lines, wasting time and energy.

Plus, you can explore the museum at your own pace without worrying about rushing through it.

Dali Theatre Fast Track Entry Ticket 

  • Adult ticket (9 + years): €20 ($22)
  • Child ticket (Up to 8 years): Free Entry
  • Disabled visitors (50% Disability): Free Entry

2. Choose the Best Time to Beat the Crowd

For the best experience and to beat the crowd at the Dali Museum, aim to arrive 15 minutes before it opens its doors in the morning. 

Arriving early is always best to beat the crowd. Plus you’ll have more time to explore the museum.

However, if you’re not an early bird, there’s another lesser-known secret time to explore the museum quietly. 

The other best time to avoid the crowd is at 2:30 pm in the afternoon.

During this time, many visitors have already explored other attractions, resulting in fewer crowds at the museum. 

This shift creates a more peaceful environment, making it a perfect time to explore the Dali Museum.

Also, it is best to visit between Tuesday and Thursday because these days are less crowded than weekends.

Additionally, shoulder seasons (spring and fall) can offer a more pleasant experience, as there are fewer tourists compared to the peak summer months.

The museum is open to the public from 10:30 am to 5:15 pm so it’s good to check the museum hours before your visit.

3. Take Your Time to Explore 

Take Your Time to Explore 
Image: GetYourGuide.com

The museum features an extensive collection of paintings and sculptures spanning Salvador Dali’s career and the building’s architectural intricacies that Dali designed inside and out. 

Plan to spend about one and a half to two hours exploring the galleries and exhibits, but don’t rush. 

Take your time to soak yourself in the artwork and appreciate the serene patio garden with its soothing fountain and lush trees. 

Ensure you don’t miss the Mae West room and the Dalí Jewels exhibition. 

4. Check out the Exhibitions 

The museum has special exhibits that focus on different parts of Dalí’s art and other related artists to help you understand Surrealism better. 

Do check out the Dalí Jewels exhibition, which is included in your admission ticket

You can see the jewelry designed by Dalí, which is as creative and detailed as his paintings.

5. Photography Inside the Museum

Buy Dali Museum Tickets Online 
Image: Tiqets.com

When taking pictures inside the Dalí museums, you cannot use a flash, tripod, or any other photographic equipment.

If this rule is not respected, the camera will be temporarily held back until you finish the visit. 

Additionally, any public communication of the photographs taken inside the museums requires prior authorization and rights clearance.

6. Wear Comfortable Clothes

There are no dress code restrictions for visiting Dali Museum Figueres. 

However, dressing comfortably is recommended, allowing you to move freely and comfortably as you explore the museum.

Avoid clothing with offensive language or images out of respect for other visitors and the museum’s atmosphere.

Remember that the museum is indoors, so dress for the temperature-controlled galleries.

Layers are a good idea, especially if you’re visiting during warmer months when outdoor temperatures can vary.

You’ll be doing a fair amount of walking, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes, such as flip-flops, tennis shoes, or even Crocs.

7. Take a Guided Tour

To get what Dalí’s art and life were about, consider joining a guided tour

Guides who know a lot about Dalí will tell you interesting things about what his art means and the stories behind it, making your visit even better. 

If you like exploring independently, you can also pick up an audio guide and go at your own speed.

Guided Tour Price

  • Adult ticket (9 + years): €29 ($31)
  • Child ticket (Up to 8 years): Free Entry

8. Accessibility

The Dalí Theatre Museum is built inside old theatre ruins, so accessing the museum for people with reduced mobility is difficult.

Some parts of the museum can be visited in a wheelchair, like the central courtyard, the stage under the dome, the ground floor, and the under-stage area.

However, the rest of the museum cannot be accessed in a wheelchair.

Access for persons in wheelchairs is at the Gala Daí Square, next to the terrace bars.

Just let the museum staff know you’re there.

The Dalí Jewels area is also wheelchair accessible.

9. Baggage

Large items are prohibited from being brought inside the museum.

This includes items larger than a small box, such as big backpacks, bags, umbrellas, baby strollers, or any other items that the staff considers potentially unsafe. 

When you visit the museum, you must leave all bags, umbrellas, and big items at the check-in desk. 

Please be aware that the staff may check your bags at any time for safety. 

10. Explore Beyond the Museum

 Gala Dalí Castle
Image: Tripadvisor.com

Figueres isn’t just home to the museum; it’s where Dalí grew up. 

Walking around, you’ll feel like you’re still in the museum. 

You can see his childhood home, find sculptures in the streets, and experience the place that shaped his creativity.

Visit Gala Dalí Castle 

Not too far from Figueres is the Gala Dalí Castle in Pubol. 

Dalí designed this surreal castle for his wife, Gala. It’s a magical place that feels like stepping into another world.

Taste of Figueres

After all that art, you might be hungry. 

Figueres is known for its delicious Catalan food. 

Eating here is another way to enjoy the local culture and wrap up your day with a taste of the town’s unique flavor.

If you are looking for great places to eat around the Dali Museum, be sure to check out the best restaurants near the Dali Museum Figueres.

Featured Image: Olesia Libra on Unsplash

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