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Whether a director, a theorist, a stage designer, a screenwriter or an actor, Dali participated in many audio-visual productions.

Down below, you can find Salvador Dali Movies and commercials the artist contributed in one way or another.

In the table below, you can also find archive materials with several performance videos and some of his exciting interviews.

  • Licor Veterano Sabor by Osborne (1965)
  • Braniff International airline company (1969)
  • Chocolat Lanvin (1969)
  • Datsun car by Nissan (1972) 
  • Iberia (1972) and Alka Seltzer (1974)
Films and Video ArtInterviews
  • Un Chien Andalou
  • L’Âge d’Or
  • Spellbound
  • Destino
  • Chaos and Creation
  • Dalí in New York
  • Screen Tests de Salvador Dalí
  • Autoportrait mou de Salvador Dalí
  • Impressions de la Haute Mongolie – Hommage à Raymond Roussel
  • Babaouo
  • Vérité de l’Excentrique. Salvador Dalí interviewed by Louis Pauwel
  • Salvador Dalí: Jesus is a Mountain of Cheese
  • The Amorous Encounter of Salvador and Gala Dalí
  • Salvador Dalí. Portrait-interview of the Surrealist artist in his house at Port Lligat
  • Rencontre avec Salvador Dalí. Salvador Dalí interviewed by Denise Glaser
  • Salvador Dalí interviewed by Joaquín Soler Serrano

Dali in Action

Salvador Dali was an avant-garde and versatile artist who was able to use the media to outspread the provocative and performing artist image he loved displaying in public.

PerformancesDali and His Work
  • A Spanish painter. Salvador Dalí in Cadaqués. Models and paintings
  • Eccentric Painting. Lecture by Salvador Dalí in Park Güell in Barcelona
  • Dalinian Variations. A report about the original artist of Portlligat. The sea-urchin painter
  • The Penultimate Buffoonery of Dalí. Director and Producer of a ballet
  • Dalí, 70. El huevo y yo, by Salvador Dalí. The radioactive work of the brilliant and esoteric Ampurdanés. Dalí talks about his paintings
  • Informaciones y reportajes. Salvador Dalí and his new invention. The rainy painting
  • Exhibition of works by Salvador Dalí. The Madonna of Port Lligat and Christ of Saint John of the Cross
  • Jewels. The Salvador Dalí exhibition
  • Salvador Dalí. Interview with the artist Salvador Dalí, who presents the velocipede
  • Dalí’s Last Painting. A surprising abstract-figurative canvas
  • Salvador Dali: The Departure of the Venus de Milo with Drawers and the Aphrodisiac Jacket
  • Notícias españolas. Dalí’s Cosmic Athlete. Inspired by the Discobolus of Miron
Theatre, Music and FashionLectures
  • Theater. Salvador Dalí, his masks and sets. Don Juan Tenorio at the Teatro Maria Guerrero in Madrid
  • Paco Ibáñez Canción del jinete
  • Swim-suits by Dalí. Novelties of the Cadaqués painter
  • Salvador Dalí and Paco Rabanne. Report filmed in the fashion boutiques of Paris. Salvador Dalí and Paco Rabanne give their opinions on this new trend
  • Lecture by Dali at the Polytechnique in Paris. Interview with the painter Salvador Dalí before his lecture
  • Press conference by Dalí at the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris on the creation of the Theatre-Museum in Figueres

Salvador Dali Movies

Dali worked on several films throughout his career, often with Luis Bunuel the Spanish filmmaker.

Here are some of the most notable Salvador Dali movies about his life and movie made by Salvador Dali.

  • Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog 1929) 

    Directed and written by- Luis Buñuel and co-written by Buñuel and Dali

    About- It is a short silent movie known for its imagery and disturbing imagery, like the scene in which a woman’s eye is cut with a razor.
  • L’Âge d’Or (The Golden Age 1930)

    Directed and written by – Luis Buñuel and written by Buñuel and Dali

    About- This movie is banned in some countries for its provocative and subversive content, including scenes of eroticism and blasphemy.
  • The Secret Life of Salvador Dali (1942)

    Directed by-  Salvador Dali

    About – It is a documentary-style movie offering an intimate look into his life, his relationship with Gala and his art. 
  • Spellbound (1945)

    Directed and written by- Alfred Hitchcock and featuring a dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali

    About – The sequence lasts about two and a half minutes and is known for being surreal imagery and costs much money compared to other scenes in Hollywood history.
  • Destino (2003) 

    Directed and written by- Walt Disney and Dali

    About – This movie was completed after Dali died in 2003,
    A collaborative short Salvador Dali Disney movie, finally completed in 2003 after many years of his death, using storyboards and sketches created by Dali in the 1940s.
  • The Death of Salvador Dali movie (2005)

    Directed and written by- Delaney Bishop

    About – The movie is about the last hours of Dali’s life featuring Matthew Modine as Dali and Adrien Brody as his father.
  • Little Ashes (2008)

    Directed and written by – Paul Morrison and written by Philippa Goslett

    About – This is a Salvador Dali biography movie focusing on the relationship between Dali, filmmaker Luis Bunuel and poet Federico Garcia Lorca during their years as students in Madrid.

    It is also one of Robert Pattinson Salvador Dalimovies.


Did Salvador Dali do movies?

Salvador Dali collaborated on a few movie projects throughout his career, including Walt Disney, Luis Bunuel and Alfred Hitchcock.

Some of his notable movie projects include Spellbound (1945) and Un Chien Andalou (1929), and Destino (2003).

Where can I see Salvador Dali’s movie in Los Angeles?

Salvador movies can be watched at several places in Los Angeles. 
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) features Un Chien Andalou and L’Age d’Or in its collection.

The Getty Center also exhibits Dali’s movies. Theaters in the city and Art House occasionally showcase Dali’s films as part of special events or retrospectives.

Which movie is Salvador Dali in?

Dali appeared in various movies throughout his life, including Spellbound (1945) and Lage d’Or (1930).

However, Dali is best known for collaborating with director Luis Bunuel on several surrealist films, including The Exterminating Angel (1962) and Un Chien Andalou (1929).

Who did Salvador Dali make a movie with? 

The collaboration between Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel lasted for many years. It resulted in some of the most fantastical and thought-provoking films in movie history, such as “Un Chien Andalou” and “The Exterminating Angel.” 

Inspiring other filmmakers and creatives to this day, their works explored the subconscious and questioned conventional narrative forms.

Did Dalí work with Picasso?

Picasso and Dali, two giants of 20th-century creative vision, had a special bond that significantly impacted subsequent artistic generations. In 1926, Dali paid Picasso his first visit, spending many hours looking at paintings in his workshop. The kind reception greatly inspired the young artist.

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